Welcome to our new and muched needed update!

Grow Your Own Fresh Live Fish Food

    We strive to produce the best live food possible. 

   Feeding your animals a mixed diet of live foods will ensure that they are happy and healthy. We provide you the opportunity to grow and culture all the food you could need. Unlike uneaten flake foods your live food will not foul your water easily.

    We are offering a selection of bugs and are adding new items as they become available. Got a mantis or fish that eat at the top of the water column. Fish, Salamanders/Newts will eat with great fanfare for daphnia. While their babies will easily eat the smaller daphnid moina. Newly hatched fish will also take micro worms 

    Whether your a fish fancier, a breeder or just have some babies. Breeding health strong animals requires the right food. For Topical Fish, Guppies, Betta, Tetras and the rest. Your babies will thank you.

    Providing an easy way to buy microworms , walter and banana worms also daphnia / water flea cultures. 

    We use Paypal as our payment processor  for most major cards. We also except other forms of payments including checks and money order. Please contact us for more info.